What the Heck is DNS?

What the Heck is DNS?

What the Heck is Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation?

I was first introduced to Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation (DNS) when I started working with Movement Coach Mitch Barrow a couple of years ago. I was immediately intrigued by DNS. When the opportunity came up last year to learn more I joined Mitch at the Hawthorn Football Club to find out how to utilise this system to help clients and students.

The world is full of incredibly smart people discovering aspects of the body’s intelligence and finding ways of making it work optimally. The Prague School of Rehab (who developed the DNS system), is definitely a part of this group. The School teaches that the diaphragm is not only a muscle used in breathing, but when used correctly, it is also a component of a “deep stabilising system”.

Another fascinating aspect of DNS is Developmental Kinesiology (DK). DK is the study of human infant development. It recognises that a healthy baby will spend time in certain positions throughout its development. No one teaches the baby how to get into these positions, or how to roll or crawl, these developments are hard wired into us.

This hard wiring doesn’t disappear from our systems as we mature, so when we spend time in the developmental positions and use the DNS model of Diaphragmatic breathing, the nervous system recognises the positions and attempts a return to a more aligned and original position. The DNS breathing also helps us to create deep core stabilisation and the positions increase strength, co-ordination, flexibly and optimal joint alignment.

Interestlingly, some of the positions are quitet similar to yoga postures. Did those yogis instinctively know how to tap into the body’s intelligence?

You will definitely hear more about DNS in the future. Its effectiveness is being utilised by elite athletes including the World Surfing League and the Hawthorn Football Club. My hope is that it becomes more and more mainstream so more of us lesser mortals can benefit from it too.

It’s early days for me in the DNS learning, I’m very keen to know more as I’ve seen some great results in the clinic and with chi kung students. I’m dreaming of attending a workshop DNS for Women’s Health in the future. Mitch has been working with DNS for many years and will be once again be exploring some DNS Exercises in the next Movement Lab.

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