Thanks for the Inspiration, Sally

Thanks for the Inspiration, Sally

Dear Sally

I’m not sure if you’ll remember me, we met around 10 years ago at the very beautiful Aio Wira retreat centre.  It was my second 5 day fast there, we shared a room together.  I had no idea then that you would be such a big influence on my life.

I remember we got on really well and seemed to share common beliefs and philosophies despite the difference in age.  I was not yet 40 and you were 50.

When we met I could see that you had something pretty special going on.  It was the way you held yourself, your calmness and vitality.  The only way I could describe all of this then was to say that you were totally comfortable in your own skin. I made a promise to myself that that was how I was going to be when I turned 50.

Your most striking feature was your beautiful hair cut.  A bob cut with precision.  Your hair was jet black at the back and grey at the front.  I remember our room mate advising you to dye it, as it made you look old.  I didn’t agree, I loved the way you looked and from that day on I stopped dying my hair and did my best to be comfortable with my changing appearance.

As I have raced towards 50, I have sometimes lamented the lack of visible role models in social media to teach us to embrace ageing. On the other hand I have recognised that when I look around me I have many real women in my extended family and community that I look up to, I notice what they are doing to nurture their vitality.  In every case of inspired ageing what I see is someone who has never stopped moving, caring about community, or continuing to work at things that they love doing well into their 70’s and beyond.

I wonder if you’d agree that this contributes to life well-lived?

I wish I’d known what questions to ask you back then, or have made an effort to keep in touch.  I’m sending this out to the universe with gratitude to you for having the courage to be authentic and I thank you for lighting the spark of inspiration that has grown into a guiding light illuminating the path on which I’m travelling.



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