Synchronicity & Serendipity

Synchronicity & Serendipity

Two serendipitous meetings in the last 2 days has the affirmed following for me …

  • going with the flow is where an easy life is to found
  • to trust my intuition and listen to myself
  • sometimes things are going right, even when they feel like they’re going wrong
  • remembering that I can’t see the big picture and that’s ok

The first bit of synchronicity started with a small something going wrong.  I could’ve got worked up and cross. I could’ve had a go at the person that made the mistake.  I decide to chill instead and use the opportunity to get something else done while I waited for the problem to get fixed.  That’s when I bumped into my most beautiful and closest friend.  We’d missed each other for weeks, both with busy lives and no chance to catch up in the near future.  There she was in the car park, we hugged, laughed and filled up our little hearts with the joy of our friendship.  Lovely.

The second fortuitous meeting came about after I’d made a mistake and forgot to do something that needed doing the day before.  I righted the wrong the next day and while I was at it I bumped into the person who potentially could open a big door to help with a current project I’m working on.  I used to believe I was shy and unconfident, I can’t be bothered with that anymore!  I made sure I grabbed the chance and accosted the poor bloke before he could get away.  It made me think about trusting that sometimes when I get it wrong, I actually get it right.

I get that there’s isn’t always a silver lining and that sometimes life is hard and things happen that don’t make sense.  I also get there’s absolutely no point in getting upset about the small things that go wrong, most of us are doing our best to do the right thing.  Because when I live life like this, not sweating the small stuff, I often feel like I’m stepping into this beautiful flow and it gets easy.  A much happier and gentler way to be.

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