Precious moments

Precious moments

IMG_1895I’m sitting in the sun at my mother’s house in Auckland feeling very blessed to have had the opportunity to spend some time with my family.

My father’s health is rapidly declining as he gives in to battling lung cancer.  It has been a long fight, over 7 years and it’s incredibly painful to watch him become a little less independent, a little less able and a lot more needy each day.

Yesterday I was able to sit with him and I offered him some craniosacral therapy.  He’s old school and doesn’t really go for all that mumbo jumbo stuff.  But he didn’t decline when I offered and had that look of being an indulging parent when he said yes.

He drifted off into a deep sleep as his nervous system settled.  When he woke up a wee while later, he smiled and said that he’d had a great sleep.  We sat for a while longer and spoke candidly about fears, beliefs and worries as I had my hand on his heart and attempted to be completely and deeply present to him.

I’m lucky to have this opportunity to be with him in this way and to have the understanding of how healing an embodied presence can be.  The healing here is not for him to recover, but for both of us to suspend past hurts, expectations and regrets and to simply be in the moment knowing that each is precious and getting closer to the last.

I have questioned my motivation sometimes around personal development and my passion for health.  It’s times like this that I am so deeply grateful to have had the journey that I have had which propelled me to seek to become my own source of peace and love and to make health my priority.

It’s a painful way to be reminded that life is so incredibly precious, our bodies and its health are all that truly matters. Without them we have nothing.


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