Middle Aged Cred – Part 2

Middle Aged Cred – Part 2

I’ve been surprised by the number of hits the post Middle Aged Cred continues to get.  I’m wondering if there are stacks of mid-lifers out there looking for inspiration, looking to connect and to occupy and embrace ageing?  I hope so.  

Since writing the blog post I have had some great stuff on ageing shared with me that has been educational and inspirational.  I’m happy to say that I’m finding more role models and inspiration both in cyber space and, even more excitingly, right here in my own community. Here’s what I’ve found.



cindy joseph

Cindy Joseph

Pinterest has an incredible collection of pics of gorgeous healthy, vibrant looking middle-aged women.  Yes it’s all mostly about the way that they look, but I’ve also found some inspiring philosophies as well.  

I love love love this quote from Cindy Joseph  “I’m not interested in looking younger. I want to look healthy and radiant. I want to look like me”.  I’ve adopted it as my mind set and I pull it out when I get those stories going on in my head about getting older.  I’ve started collecting images to keep me inspired, and will keep adding to this as I get the time.


10632771_465810646893758_3920726285836002620_nA number of people have sent me links to articles, pictures and youtube clips.  I’ve especially loved the clip of an 87 year old gymnast.  

This article about training youthfulness back into your body makes a lot of sense and backs up the idea that were aren’t completely hard-wired to age, we do have choices around it.  

This blog post is definitely worth a read too, here’s a quote to whet  your appetite – “Ageing is not synonymous with disease and death. Disease and death can happen at any moment. So don’t blame being stiff this morning on “ageing.” Take it as a sign that maybe you should use your body more actively or creatively, moving it in ways that aren’t based in years of habit.

In My Neighbourhood

It’s like I’ve taken off my blinkers and I’m starting to see that there are loads of women in my own community that are embracing life and loving where they are and where they are heading.  I’m seeing them everywhere now.  I’m starting to turn paparazzi and whip out my phone to take a photo.  (Which is  a great conversation starter and a fun way to engage and I’m grateful for the willingness of these women to share)

I spent last Saturday at a well-being expo sharing my love of Biodynamic Craniosacral and Chi Kung.  There was a continuous flow of health seekers at the expo, and of course it was the perfect place to see beautiful, healthy, vibrant women and men of all ages.  I managed to snap 3 pics of some gorgeous silver haired women before it all got too busy.  Here they are, looking lovely despite my dodgy photographic skills.

Bring it On 

So I’ve gone from feeling despondent about the lack of role models that are ageing both gracefully and disgracefully, to feeling inspired and excited to keep looking and enjoying the search for even more evidence that we are not all buying the lies that are being sold to us about what ageing means and what we should look like.  

I don’t have a problem with anyone who chooses to dye their hair or have a desire to look younger, that’s their choice.  But I am interested in what happens when we explore our social conditioning and make conscious decisions on what is right for us based on those explorations.

It seems that there are plenty of us not willing to fade into the background and disappear as we become less youthful in our appearance.  I see women who embrace each and every line, wrinkle, grey hair and saggy baggy bit as a living, breathing memorial to the life that they have lived so far.  How exciting!




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