Me and BCST

Me and BCST

This past year has seen a profound deepening into the work of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy for me.  This change has manifested for me as I have cleared some of my own blocks and have become a confident and effective therapist.

I have worked mainly with women who have had issues with anxiety, depression and feeling overwhelmed. I have also had a number of clients with ongoing physical and emotional pain achieve great results.

The shift in the work for me has been came as I have let go of the ideas about the more technical aspects of the therapy and have embraced the cutting edge philosophies that highlights what happens when a client feels safe and begins the process of deepening into embodiment. This has become the focus of my clinical work.

The safety aspect comes from the calm witnessing presence of the therapist combined with the light, gentle, non judgemental, touch that has no expectation for change. It’s a powerful way to touch and the body, especially the central nervous system, responds intelligently.

The process of embodiment is about the brain being able to re-map the body and regain a relationship to places that have been lost through trauma and stress. The BCST therapist often notices places in the body that feel like they are ‘missing’ or not quite accessible. The therapist then works with the client to gently access these places and notice what is or isn’t going on there. What starts to happen then is the client becomes more conscious, more aware and more present and is able to use the body as a portal to the present moment and mindfulness.

The transformations I have witnessed have been inspiring. I see clients reclaiming themselves and reconnecting with vitality and energy. Often there have been palpable ‘stuck’ emotions in the tissues that have gently released as the client’s own conscious awareness engages with the holding and can make the choice to let go.

I’m more inspired by this work than when I first came across it over 10 years ago.  It’s exciting to see that the word is spreading and that more people are recognising that the body has enormous power to heal itself given the right help.


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