Getting Out of the Mountain Top Cave

Getting Out of the Mountain Top Cave

Embodied Meditation, Chi Kung and Biodynamic Craniosacral are all ways of connecting to the body and becoming embodied.

With time and practice all of these practices can wake up a felt sense of the life force that runs through us. Call it Chi, Prana, Mauri, Ki, Light, Bioelectricity, Energy or whatever, it doesn’t matter, what does matter is how different life can feel when we start to wake up and connect to this flow.

The thing is though, we are human beings living human lives and to spend all our time on spiritual practices designed to connect us to this force gets a bit serious and misses the point of being a being. Which to me is to get out in to life it and enjoy it.

Having spent time cultivating and working with my chi, I can end up feeling way too energised or energy can get stuck and built up in places, or I can feel like I’ve lost touch with the physical and can feel ungrounded. Here’s 6 ways that I’ve found to enjoy, enhance and expend the energy that isn’t about sitting in a mountain top cave cut off from the rest of the world.

surf coast surf

1. Playing in the ocean. Oh my goodness, I totally get why people surf, why they are compelled to spend time in the ocean everyday. For me just 10 minutes playing in the surf makes my whole being light up. From the tip of my toes to the top of my head, my whole body buzzes, my Dan Tiens hum like crazy and the sensation feels wonderful.



2. Going for a run. I’ve written before how I now have so much energy in my body that I’ve taken up running. It’s not just an idea of feeling like I’ve got energy, it’s a physical reality… I am bursting with energy and it gets really uncomfortable if I don’t use it up. After a run I feel amazing, again my whole body buzzes and I feel happy and peaceful.



kindness co baby cake

3. Eating Kindness Co Baby Cakes. There is something about these babies that are so grounding and at the same time so chi-full. I’m guessing they are made with a lot of love. If you are reading this and don’t live nearby, I’m sorry! But I’d say that any food made with the best ingredients by passionate beings is going to have the same effect. Even though I could get all guilty about the sugar content, I don’t. I let myself go into the delight of eating something so incredibly soul nourishing and enjoy every mouthful. The experience is even better when a Baby Cake is a shared.


earthing - embodied

4. Feeling my feet. The sensation of energy in my head gets overwhelming if I’ve had a day of using my brain a lot. I get a ‘blocked’ feeling in my neck and it gets really uncomfortable. One sure fired way of easing this is to consciously feel my feet, especially good is to feel my feet connected to the earth.



sinking into the earth

5. Sinking into feeling supported. If I let myself go, really relax, let go of tensions and let my energy, my tissues, my bones sink into whatever is supporting me it feels great. I feel myself sinking into my chair, or into my bed and then sinking even further down into the earth below. I stop trying so hard, stop stressing, everything settles.



nature6. Hanging out in Nature. Especially when I consciously stop everything and connect with the stillness that’s always there. There are those precious moments when everything becomes expansive, silent and alive and I feel myself melt into being a part of the whole.






There are loads more ways to enjoy and connect with our life force and to feel part of the flow that we are a part of. Most importantly is to find the way that works for ourselves as individuals and to recognise those precious moments of feeling utterly, deeply, deliciously.. alive.

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