Find Trust and Carry On

Find Trust and Carry On

When things start to conspire against a dream, do we give in and walk away? Maybe it just isn’t ‘meant to be’.  I say no!  Dig deep and connect with trust and keep going.

This last week has been a trying time financially.  After months of looking for a more suitable house to rent, we’ve found one.  It’s very exciting, but moving is costly.  We know that so we go ok, we’re just going to have to suck it up and go with it.  That’s fine.

But things started to unravel in the finances the moment we made that decision.


Siamese Cat Teaches Unconditional Love

Our cats are our babies.  They are a part of the family and they have taught my children the most important thing in life. The feeling of unconditional love.  Our cats are a bit special and can normally convince even the most hardened dog lover that cats are superior in every way.  So when we found the Frankster, laying, breathing heavily unable to move and drooling profusely, we didn’t hesitate to rush him to the vet and then into town to the animal hospital.  Long story short…. after much love and attention he’s fine.  The bank balance…. not so good.

Life goes on.

I’m passionate about Zeally Bay  sour dough bread.  I indulge myself every morning for breakfast.  I was shocked to find a very hard stone like thing in my mouth while I was chewing away on my toast.  I fished it out and discovered a very expensive crown, that had only been there for 3 years, had come loose.  The dentist’s estimate?  Of course it’s going to need an implant so we’re looking at around $4,500.

Luckily the tickets back home for a holiday had been booked just days before this monetary melt down!

I started to go into a spin about my financial crisis.  The stories in my head got more and more bleak.  I would have to let go of everything that I’m working towards and get a job.  I could feel the adrenals start to kick in and worry seep into every cell.

Then I stopped.  I came back to thinking about what my message is, what my purpose is.  I made a conscious choice to feel the excitement I have about what I do.  To feel deeply seated trust.  To feel joy and gratitude.  To know that right now in this moment, everything was ok.


Find Trust & Carry On


I have the word ‘trust’ as my screen saver on my mobile phone.  When I pick up the phone, the word is there every time to remind me that peace and happiness are always there for, no matter what else is going on around me.  If I want it, I can choose it.  I just need to keep trusting my purpose and myself.

Putting 20 years of self-awareness cultivation to good use.  I can see that I have a choice, I can let this become an obstacle and stop me or I can use this as motivation to keep me moving in the direction of my dreams.

I choose to keep going, maybe financially it will hurt for a while.  But on every other level I know I can’t afford to let go of what I believe in.

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