Fear of Health

Fear of Health

Feeling perplexed about what I was observing in the health and well-being industry, I asked my teacher and mentor, Ged Sumner, for his perspective.  His answer surprised me, he said, “People are scared of health”.

I’ve been pondering that statement for a while, trying to work out what he meant and looking for evidence to support this point of view.

I have to say that after sitting with it for sometime, I now whole heartedly agree.  Some people are frightened of health and there are a number of health professionals who enable and support that fear.

Why Would Anyone Be Scared of Health?

I’ve noticed a tendency for some to wear ill-health like a comfortable old dressing gown that gets put on every morning and kept on all day.  This way of being is so deeply entrenched that to entertain the possibility of returning to vibrant health is so far outside the norm, that it pushes the ‘out of comfort zone’ alarm button.

Are they challenged by the responsibility that would come would good health?  Would other things have to change like relationships, jobs, commitments?  Would there be no excuse now to not follow their dreams?  Would the world see them differently and therefore treat them differently?

I’m not talking about terminal or major illness, but more a kind of health that is always just below par. I’ve observed a number of people staying with a “stuckness”, resigned to it and waiting for the answers to come from somewhere out side themselves.

I’ve seen people with the same fitness routine, going to the same classes for years and nothing changing.  No weight loss, not improvement in energy levels, yet they keep going.

I’ve seen people attend classes with ‘authentic’ masters and yet their health is still compromised.

I’ve seen people get fortnightly adjustments from manual therapist for years, and nothing changes.  Nothing.  In the end better health is the client’s own responsibility, but I believe that it is deeply unethical for a health practitioner or teacher to keep taking someone’s money if they aren’t helping to facilitate long term improvement.

I’ve searched for 15 years for something that would change a painful condition that I had.  This search took me on an incredible journey of discovery.  Through this journey I found Chi Kung and Craniosacral work.  Niether of these two things completely fixed this condition, but they did fix a whole lot of other things, so I kept going with them.  But there was plenty of things that I tried that did nothing to help.  So I gave them a chance and then I moved on.

I believe in 100% taking responsibility for maintaining and improving my own health.  I will never hand that responsibility over to anyone else ever again.

I’ve lost count of the money that I’ve spent on finding a fix, I don’t care.  Sometimes I do wish that I’d travelled more, but my time will come and in the end I’d rather have the health and energy that I have right now.

I no longer have that painful condition, who knows what fixed it, it doesn’t matter.

While I’ve observed plenty of people staying stuck I have also been incredibly fortunate to work with and beside people who move mountains for their health.  I get blown away by their commitment to making health their priority.  They have discipline around it, they will try anything and everything to support their health journey.  They are inspiring and I’m blessed to have them in my life.

It can all get a bit crazy though, I know that I’ve tried some pretty out there things to feel better and I’ve probably pushed pretty hard at times, which probably wasn’t very healthy.  But it’s all part of the learning process and I’ve calmed down a lot as I’ve found a deeper connection to my own health.

Through all of this though, I’ve discovered a way of working with my body that has created an even deeper access to my reservoir of health.  I have found a way of tapping into the wisdom and intelligence of the integrated body and mind.  It’s a powerful force that I’m just only just beginning to harness.  I don’t understand it completely yet, but I do know that it starts with intentionally seeking embodiment, being present to and wholeheartedly accepting health enhancing opportunities that arise and always looking for the answers within.

Healing for me has happened with support from amazing, ethical, intelligent, individuals that have appeared along the way.  These practitioners have all cleared out their own junk, they come from a place without ego and are also fully engaged in their own health seeking processes.  I know that having the opportunity to work with these therapists and teachers has nothing to do with good luck.  Instead these opportunities have been presented to me like a gift that I could choose to accept or not.  From where I’m sitting right now, I’m feeling so grateful for their gifts.


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