Embodied Holiday

Embodied Holiday

reading reginalde rayI’m taking a break from paid work, blogging and routine for the next few weeks.  I have the opportunity to work on some writing projects and am about to throw myself into this whole heartily while I have the chance.  This website is getting a make over and I’m going to spend some time in a personal retreat meditating and reflecting on 2014 and planning exciting things for 2015.

In between all of these things I’m going to be continuing to read Touching Enlightenment by Reginald Ray.  This book speaks the language of embodiment and talks of meditating with the body.  The author believes that anchoring our meditation practice in the body takes meditation beyond mental gymnastics and into a process of profound awareness in our bodies and life rather than just being in our heads.  My own investigations and learnings have been leading me to similar conclusions, so I’m so excited to explore another perspective on the subject that has now become my passion.  Here’s an excerpt from the book….

“We need to descend into the night, the darkness that is our own body.  When we do so, we discover that it is not neutral or dead, nor is it a space that is just simply there for our consumption and our use.  Within the deep shadows of the body, within its darkness, we begin to discover a world that exists in its own right, quite part from anything we may consciously think, expect, or want.  We begin to find that the body has its own wants – in a sense, it wants to be seen on its own terms and within its own frame of reference.  This can be a rather surprising discovery for many of us who, as modern people, are so alienated from the body.  We can’t imagine the idea that the body might be a living force, a source of intelligence, wisdom, even something we might experience as possessing intention.  We cannot conceive of the body as a subject.  And yet, to carry out the body work, this is exactly what we need to do….”

See you all in a few weeks, and thanks to the 2832 readers who have engaged with this blog over the last year.  I’m heart warmed to know my words are being read.

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