CST is the same as Reiki, Right?

CST is the same as Reiki, Right?

Danielle Rowarth Biodynamic CraniosacralCST is the same as Reiki, Right?

It’s a question that I get asked a lot as people try to understand what CST is.

CST, even though it might look like Reiki, has almost nothing in common with it.

I’m not a Reiki expert although I do have my Reiki Level One certificate. Back in the day I heard a booming voice while I was meditating that said “You will be a Craniosacral Therapist”, I did my best to ignore the call and signed up for a weekend workshop of Reiki training instead. It was faster, cheaper and subconsciously I knew it wouldn’t have the same demands as the 2 year CST practitioner training.

So I did my Reiki training and Reiked friends and family. I learnt that the Reiki practitioner channels energy through their crown chakra, into the heart centre, down their arms and into the client. It’s all about energy.

So what’s different about CST?

CST treats the whole person. It acknowledges the tissues, the emotions and what goes on in the mind. It is interested in ‘energy’ for sure. We call it potency. But the interest is in it is how it relates to the whole body.

CST therapists learn about anatomy and physiology, about trauma and how to be with its affects as they show up in a session. We learn how to be still and neutral. We learn non-doing, we practice non-judgement. We learn how to create a therapeutic relationship through presence and touch that the body and mind recognises as safe and supportive.

With CST there is the belief in the body’s own intelligence and innate capacity for self repair. CST therapists don’t do anything to the client. There’s no channeling, no crunching, no pulling, tweaking or realigning.

The combination of the presence, touch, understanding and belief in the body intelligence along with the capacity to create safety is super powerful for the client’s nervous system. When a nervous system is met in this way, it down regulates, it frees up resources for repair. The changes that occur are dumbfounding, “how can this happen when you’re not doing anything?” is a common question. It’s beyond feeling relaxed, it’s beyond feeling physically realigned, it’s beyond feeling reconnected. It’s all of that and more.

To feel whole, to feel deeply seen and heard – physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually. Isn’t that what so many of us are craving?

So, CST is not like Reiki. It is about energy…. but like us wondering around in these incredible meat suits with powerful creative minds and capacity for great things…. it’s about so much more.

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