CST – A Leap of Faith

CST – A Leap of Faith

Danielle Rowarth Biodynamic CraniosacralI love CST because of its unwavering faith in the body’s innate intelligence. I believe that one day science and the rest of the health well-being industry will catch up with what the pioneers of Cranial Osteopathy and CST instinctively knew… that the appropriate practitioner presence and contact, knowledge of the body and trust in its intelligence will kick off the client’s intrinsic healing mechanism.

A couple of months ago a client came to the clinic who, at the start of the session, could not lift their arms above shoulder height. After the first session their range of motion in one arm had improved dramatically.

What did I do to improve the range of motion? Nothing other than be present and listen with my hands. The arm moved, stretched… by itself. Both the client and I sat and watched it happen. It sounds incredible, because it is. When I asked what was happening, the client said it felt like the arm was stretching from the inside, by itself. Impossible? Maybe, but the results speak for themselves.

Chronic pain and physical challenges are great things to have in the clinic because the results are so measurable. Sometimes though a client comes in without physical pain. They come because they don’t feel right emotionally or mentally and that’s a harder one to measure.

Often during a session a shift occurs where a clients drops into a very deep and relaxed state. In that state the subconscious seems to process events and experiences that have been put on the back burner because of stress or overwhelm. That deep space is still and quiet and the client often gets answers or intuitive knowing that can create powerful change. It’s powerful because it’s the client’s intuitive knowing, not the therapist’s that creates the transformation. The client empowers themselves.

These are the clients that often say “I can’t explain it, I just feel different, like I’m more connected to myself”. Then it gets exciting to see what changes occur as that connection deepens and permeates through all of their relationships.

CST is subtle, incredible, deep, inexplicable, challenging, confronting, hard, easy and at times it feels like it just can’t be true.

The more I work with it though the more I trust it. I know it’s not for everyone as it requires a huge leap of faith. It must start with trusting the practitioner and also trusting the therapy itself. Ultimately though the biggest leap and sometimes the hardest, is the one that the client must take in trusting and having faith in themselves.

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