qi gong

Chi Kung with Danielle

Chi Kung is a slow movement practice that was developed in China over 5000 years ago.  It includes a combination of static postures, slow moving forms, walking forms, breathing techniques and seated mediation.  It works with acupuncture meridians, specific organs and elements.  Natural Movement Chi Kung  is simple to learn, there are no complex sequences to remember and can be done without having to purchase any special equipment or clothing.

How Does Chi Kung Work?

We send a very powerful message to our nervous systems when we engage in slow, embodied movement practice.

  • when we breathe deeply and slowly
  • when we consciously relax the body
  • when movement become effortless
  • when we let go the need to rush and try hard

We are telling our ever watchful brain that we are safe and that’s it’s ok to come out of an alert state.

We relax.  When we do this consistently we effect our physiological processes profoundly.

  • our digestion improves
  • we sleep better
  • have more mental clarity
  • feel calmer and more centred
  • are less reactive
  • our immune systems strengthen

Engaging in slow, mindful, embodied movement has all the benefits of meditation and a whole lot of extras too.  The human body thrives with movement.  In fact movement is essential for some of its physiological processes.

Moving slowly and mindfully also helps to apply the skills we gain in practising meditation.  Slow movement becomes a dynamic meditation and allows us to transfer those skills into all areas of
our lives.

Chi Kung Classes & Workshops

I have been teaching Natural Movement Chi Kung since 2009.  I teach regular weekly classes, workshops and private session in Torquay, Victoria, Australia.  Please contact me for the most up to date class timetable.


Private Medicinal Movement Sessions

My studies in Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation and Ancestral Movement have profoundly influenced my work.  When working one to one, I am able to tailor sessions that combine this learning with Chi Kung to address specific requirements and health goals.


Please see the workshop page for upcoming workshops or contact me for more details