Body Lorax Therapy – Renaming Craniosacral

Body Lorax Therapy – Renaming Craniosacral

What the Heck is Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Often when I talk about Craniosacral Therapy nobody knows what it is.  It’s got me thinking, what’s a better name to describe the therapy and actually what the heck is it that we do anyway?  Stripping back all the jargon, all the science and the ‘healing’ speak, I’d say we simply engage the intelligence of the body and hear what it has to say.  Much the same as that old Lorax* who spoke for the trees.

History of Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy was born out of the discoveries made by U.S. Osteopath Dr. William Garner Sutherland in the early 1900’s.  Sutherland discovered that the bones of the skull weren’t fused as everyone thought, but were capable of movement.  He experimented on himself to find out what happened when the movements were impinged.  It’s a fascinating story see more here if you’re interested.  His work morphed into Cranial Osteopathy and was then taken up and taught to non Osteopaths as Craniosacral Therapy.

Paradigm Shift

An exciting aspect of this therapy is that it continues to grow and develop as its practitioners and teachers deepen their knowledge and skills and are courageous enough to let go of existing paradigms.  Biodynamics has been part of that shift and has been about trusting in the body’s intelligence and its desire to always move towards health.  Biodynamics is also about treating the whole person, not just isolated parts such as the ‘craniosacral system’.

The paradigm shift continues, and so much of it is about deepening into the trust of the body’s intelligence and being present enough and skilled enough to hear what it wants to say.  I’d go even further and say that it’s also about being the Lorax and translating for the body and responding in a way that facilitates a conscious integration of mind and body.

Is This Magic?

There is nothing mystical or woo woo about this.  We can all read body language, we can all feel what is going on for someone.  Our nervous systems are wired to do this, it’s part of our survival mechansim.  With training and practice and honing the ability to be consciously present it’s not a big stretch to connect with another human in a deeply profound way.

Combine these skills with anatomical knowledge, along with an understanding of how the body expresses health, and also a particular type of touch that is gentle and still without the need to create change, then that’s when the ‘magic’ happens.

Touch is such a powerful force, human beings grow and thrive through touch.  There is endless data to support this.  The requirement for touch never ever stops, bodies break down without this type of safe contact.

Healing in Relationship

The final piece of the puzzle of what Craniosacral Therapy is can be found in the relationship between therapist and client.   Something happens in a relationship when it is safe, empathetic and places no demands on someone to be anything else than who they are.  A nervous system that feels safe is one that is able to down regulate, come out of flight or fight mode and into rest and repair mode.  It’s so simple, and so healing.

Registered Body Lorax Therapist

So I’m not sure that I’ll be calling myself a Body Lorax Therapist anytime soon.  But I’m curious to keep exploring ways of explaining what I do in ways that make sense to me and anyone interested.  Maybe I could ask the body for some ideas on a new name, I wonder what it would say?

* The Lorax (by Dr Suess) tries his utmost to communicate on behalf of the trees that were being needlessly turned into thneeds.  Definitely worth a read if you haven’t already.  Here’s a link to more info on the Lorax.

My work has been majorly influenced by the teachings of Steve Haines and Ged Sumner of Body Intelligence training.  Here’s a couple of links to find out more 

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Body Intelligence Meditations – a book that guides you on how to connect with your own body intelligence

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