New name, new website……… same passion and philosophy

New name, new website……… same passion and philosophy

A big glitch with my website a month ago was the push I needed to review everything. So I sat down and thought about what I’m passionate about and how do I go about reflecting that?

Over the last 10 years I have seen people’s lives change when they start to live in their bodies and not just in their heads.

Here’s what I’ve noticed.

  • They connect with their passions, they don’t hold onto stuff that doesn’t serve them and they start to pursue a life of purpose that aligns with deeper urges than materialism and outward signs of success.
  • They stop warring against their bodies and start working in unison with it instead to tap into an abundance of energy and health.They trust what they’re feeling and use their body sensations as a guide to what’s right for them, connecting into a deep wisdom that goes beyond intellectual knowledge of the mind.
  • They recognise uncomfortable sensations as messages to be felt and then let go. They no longer suppress these feelings, freeing up energy and stopping the cycles that are driven by emotional suppression.
  • They stop trying to control the mind, letting go of the need to ruthlessly practice mindfulness and use the body as an easy portal into the present moment.
  • They often radiate a calm, grounded presence. Ego is useful but doesn’t run the show.
    All of this is what I think of as EMBODIMENT, the integration of mind, body and the other bit of ourselves that’s tricky to name. Feel free to Insert which ever word works for you. For me it is soul.

So that’s it, EMBODIMENT. That’s my passion, and that’s my purpose. I’m here to start a conversation about it and to explore pathways to EMBODIMENT. My tools for doing this are Biodynamic Craniosacral, Embodied Meditation and Chi Kung because I’ve seen them work for me and for 100’s of others.

I finally feel like I’m in my purpose and I’m excited about working with clients and students to explore what EMBODIMENT means and feels like for them.

So welcome to the next phase, if you have a minute to check out the new website, please do.

The old website, Present Holdings, will be offline in a day or two and all new blog posts and emails will come from

In early May I’m off to India for a 10 day silent meditation retreat and a post grad craniosacral course. Just a bit excited. I’m following the urge to sit and mediate at length and am both nervous and excited about what I’m about to discover about myself and my capacity.

There’s probably a blog post about that in there somewhere….. I’ll keep you posted.

Please note: ┬áIf you’re a registered follower of this blog, I will add you to the new website so you can keep getting post updates.

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