7 Things I’ve Learnt About the Mind

7 Things I’ve Learnt About the Mind

During the last 20 years of philosophical enquiry, I’ve discovered that the mind is a powerful, bored, delinquent that loves to label and judge.  On the flip side though, I know now that the mind can be harnessed to cure a zombie state and create a life filled with love and joy!  Here’s what I’ve learnt…

Number One – I am not my mind.

I used to think that I was this constant stream of thought, the noise that was incessantly playing in my head. What’s even worse is that I actually believed the drivel that was playing.  The recored message was often negative and not at all helpful. “You’re this, you’re that.”  “You’re shy, you’re unconfident”  “Blah, blah, blah”  Enough!  For goodness sake, where did all that rubbish come from?

I know now that I am more than my mind.  I am an observer, a witness.  I am conscious of the thoughts coming in and out….. so the thoughts can’t be me as they don’t hang around and I’m always here.  There is something going on that feels much more permanent.

Number Two – The mind is like a bored delinquent. 

When the mind is not focused on something, it will be running amok and leading me astray.  Keep it busy and purposeful and it’s fine.  When I give it a job to do it almost feels relieved to have a purpose.  I need to watch it though, as much as it likes to be focused, its habit is to dart from here to there, always looking for the next shiny thing.  It takes a bit of practice to keep it on track.

Number Three – The mind is an inbuilt labelling machine. 

Labelling, judging and gathering evidence to justify erroneous beliefs are its favourite pastimes.  Good, bad.  Nice, not nice.  Pretty, ugly.  Like, don’t like.  Always trying to work it out and form opinions.  Sure, sometimes this is necessary.  But not when you’re having a conversation with someone or needing to be present.  If you’re in your head judging, then you’re not here listening.  What are you missing in this moment?

Number Four – Allowing the mind to be in control turns me into a zombie.

With the mind in control I am the walking dead.  I go through the motions of life and don’t even see the roses that I could be stopping to sniff.  You’ve seen people driving their cars or walking around with that ‘no one home’ look on their faces, staring blankly into nothing.  They’re there in body but definitely not in spirit.  Where are they?  Guaranteed they’re off following some glittering tangent of a thought that popped in and was more interesting than watching the traffic or the road ahead.

Sometimes we do need to ‘check out’ for a bit and day dream.  It’s appropriate and necessary for creativity.  But doing it consciously is very different from being stolen away from the present by an unconscious thought.

Number Five – The mind is incredibly powerful.

Those law of attraction clichés  such as “what we think about we become”, “what you put your attention on grows” are now woven into our psyche.  They have become clichés because there are true.  Whatever we put our minds on consistently will become bigger and bigger in our lives.  This power can be used to create both positive and negative things.  Again it’s all about being conscious with it or not.

Number Six – The mind is a powerful tool.

Learning how to use the mind combined with our emotions and felt sense is an incredible tool to create amazing results in our physical world, health and general well-being.  This is the secret behind the The Secret.  Once you know how to bring this practice to life, you will never be the same again, life becomes an exciting, joyful journey.

Number Seven – Focusing the mind is the key to happiness.

Harnessing the power of the mind, becoming mindful and present is the key to happiness and bliss.  Nothing more to say on this except that everything you need to feel happiness, love, freedom is right here – right now.  It is always within reach, in every moment. You only have to put your mind to it.


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